Maybe her name should be Lucky. A 14-month-old Chesapeake Bay retriever named Mo has been reunited with her family after spending nine months in Idaho’s rugged wilderness.

Mo wandered away from the family’s lodge during a hunting trip in September north of Boise, according to a July 8 report by the Idaho Statesman, and the family searched for the dog until winter broke loose.

Mo’s owner, Darwin Cameron, told Good Morning America:

“The day she went missing, the other guys took off and went hunting and I had to run to town ... Mo was asleep on the couch and I came home and the grandson of one of our hunting partners had opened the door to play ball with Mo and when Mo realized I wasn't there she took off to find me.”

The family gave up the search when Old Man Winter arrived and wondered if they’d ever see their canine friend again. To their surprise, Mo recently was reunited with the family after she was found collapsed at a nearby ranch in June.

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