Trail walking is not something I get the opportunity to do a lot of in the colder Idaho months. The next time I get a window however, I might check out this scenic stroll to a small lake located just 120 miles north of Twin Falls.

It's always great to discover new spots in Idaho to spend some time outdoors. YouTube has become a gold mine of content by average, everyday people, that are producing some fantastic videos of their adventures throughout the Gem State. One of the things I love about my job is getting the opportunity to share these findings with all of you.

An upload from just a couple of weeks ago on the channel of Beata and Clint Adventures embodies exactly what I'm talking about. A November 25, 2020, post from the two outdoor enthusiasts walks us through the nearly four mile hike to Iron Bog and Fishpole Lake.

The two modest-sized, yet beautiful bodies of water, are located just outside of Mackay. According to the All Trails website, you can bring your dog as long as it's leashed and you pick up after them. The hike is a pretty good one, so packing a lunch and planning to spend a few hours out is probably the way to go.

It's also a walk that is described as "kid friendly," in which bird watching and wild flowers are part of the experience. I want to thank the two that shared this great video, which gives us a personal look into the area and all its beauty.

Lake Walcott A Short Drive From Twin Falls

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