One of the first things people who are visiting or just move here tend to ask me is where can I go hiking. There are a lot of places around the area that almost anyone can handle doing. Some of them aren't exactly wheelchair friendly which can be difficult, but the ones that are have made the list.


  • 1

    Snake River canyon Rim Trail

    This one is wheelchair and stroller friendly. It can be really long if you want to do it from start to finish but you can also pick and choose where to start. There are several entrances to this hike.

  • 2

    Mogensen Trail

    This little hike starts up from the Centennial Waterfront Park and it is pretty easy. It is nice because there is a lot to see. And of course, BASE jumpers.

  • 3

    Eagle Loop

    This one is in the South Hills and best used between May through September. It is kid friendly and not too long. Not really wheelchair friendly but there is a lot to see.

  • 4

    Rock Creek Park

    The walking trail through here is stroller and wheelchair friendly and quite pretty actually. There are a lot of joggers that go through this area as well complete with a stream running parallel with the trail.

  • 5

    Perrine Coulee Falls

    This one can be a little more difficult because getting behind the water required walking through a stream, not wheelchair friendly and not really stroller friendly but not so difficult or long that kids can't do it.

  • 6

    Ross Falls

    In the South Hills, this is a short hike but not paved. A pretty little hike that ends with a gorgeous view.

  • 7

    Phantom Falls

    Also in the South Hills, this is not wheelchair or stroller friendly but it isn't a hard hike. The first stretch is a little boring but once you get near the trees and see the falls, it is stunning. Best to do it during the spring time.

  • 8

    Malad Gorge

    This is wheelchair and stroller friendly, it is beautiful and informative and not too long.

  • 9

    Balanced Rock

    The majority of it is stroller friendly. I would not say wheelchair friendly but it is easy enough that most people can make it to the top of Balanced Rock and enjoy the view. When it is dry it can get slick though.

  • 10

    Auger Falls Park Loop

    This trail is a little long but not too bad. It is a loop and good for all skill levels. Not friendly for wheelchairs though

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