TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Drivers licensing offices in Idaho have reopened after being closed for two days last week, but those who visit offices this week may experience some delays.

County licensing offices statewide reopened Monday, according to the Idaho Transportation Department, but processing times have been slower than normal as staff members become familiar with new software that upgrades the card issuing system from a 1980s mainframe to a more modern system.

“There are a few expected glitches that we’re working through that are causing a little bit of a delay,” Jessica Williams, spokeswoman for the Idaho Transportation Department, told News Radio 1310. She said if those who need to visit an office can wait until next week, it is likely things will be running smoother by then. “Otherwise they may experience a few extra minutes than they typically would.”

She said the old software worked much like the now-outdated DOS system, but the upgrade is much more user-friendly for staff and, in the long run, will benefit customers (see images below). Technical support staff and others are on-hand to help with the expected glitches, but it’ll still take a few days for staff to become more familiar with the software.

“We anticipate that every day the process will become more smooth running, even by the tail end of this week,” she said.

Image courtesy of Idaho Transportation Department
Image courtesy of Idaho Transportation Department