A new Twin Falls video upload to YouTube is one of the first I've seen where a drone is used in very close proximity to the Perrine Bridge. The video not only captures the beauty of the 43 year old landmark, but also features the added bonus of recording a BASE jumper taking the leap over the Snake River.

The :58 video was published by Cory Hanson PRESENTS EYE CANDY on June 3, 2019. Throughout the course of a year, dozens of videos are shot--cell phone, GoPro and drone alike--of aerials capturing Idaho's most famous bridge, but not many actually provide the angles of the Perrine quite like this one.

A well executed backflip, followed by a textbook landing by one of the day's jumpers, provides a unique angle of both the bridge and the activity itself, and at the same time is a stark reminder of how tiny human beings are compared to nature.

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