I did a remote from a gun shop and met some conservatives.  You’re not shocked, right?  Last week I spent a couple of hours at Quick Response Firearms in Twin Falls.  The shop was doing a grand re-opening at Five Points.  It was packed.  Dozens of people stopped by my table and visited.  Friendly, polite, and people with a love of their country.

Contrast that with the portrayal of conservatives by mainstream media.  Check out this link from the Associated Press.  A woman who relocated to Sandpoint from Ohio in 1978 doesn’t like sharing the turf with newcomers.  Why?  Because most are right-of-center.  She explains that, unlike the old hippies who came to town during her younger days, the new people are big meanies!

Hemp Clothing Crowd Suffers a Setback

Remember, only a few short years ago the fear among conservatives was of a tsunami of liberals turning Idaho into Portland.  On the left, it was O.K. when it appeared it would gain new friends in hemp clothing and old Volvo wagons.  Now there’s gnashing of teeth because the latest transplants believe in liberty and drive pickup trucks.

Southern Idaho is much the same.  A fellow I met last week is an Air Force veteran and retired Sheriff’s Deputy from California.  He and his wife wanted to get away from the craziness where they lived.  They visited relatives in Boise and decided it wasn’t for them.  They chose Twin Falls and decided this was home.  They’re conservatives and Christians.

A second man dropped by and explained he’s a retired Sheriff’s Deputy from California.  He now calls Jerome home.

A man passed by and explained he was a retired federal prison guard.  A transplant and a conservative.

They're Fiercely Patriotic

See the pattern?  These people are dependents.  They take care of themselves and considering their previous experiences, their neighborhoods are likely getting safer.

Many of them have started second careers or opened businesses since arriving.  It must be galling to the left.  Somehow, they thought they were building a colony for Denver, Seattle or San Francisco.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!

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