First, they should have marched around the walls for six days, then overturned the tables of the lobbyists.  Christians from across Idaho descended on the state capitol on Saturday.  They sang psalms in the rotunda.  Some of the legislature’s committed Christians were there, but most weren’t anywhere near the building.

From what I saw, there was little news coverage by Idaho’s mainstream media.  I’m shocked, shocked!

I do believe the effort was a noble cause.  Song and prayer work, even if we don’t always immediately recognize the outcome.

Let’s mention that some good legislation happens from time to time.  But also be warned it’s an election year.  Several legislators seek political cover as they prostitute themselves to big donors.  These people have rationalized the campaign cash as somehow being good for their constituents.  It’s good for some officeholders!  Others are simply going through the motions.

One current Republican member of the Senate has reportedly bragged about a license plate he had that read atheist.  Are all committed atheists bad?  Some are better people than the phonies crawling on their bellies for your vote.

The people who raised their voices over the weekend need to keep up the pressure.  We’re fast approaching a time when we could be at the cultural point of no return.

You better know who your friends in government are before you vote.  Don’t let people tell you that your demands for purity in government are extreme.  I have included a video below to inspire.  It raises my spirits.

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