When the story first broke I was sickened.  Heartbroken and then I raged.

I've been trying to stand back from judgment.

Growing up I lived in a home where we often had as many as three dogs.  They are trusting animals.  Especially puppies.  They rely on us.  They don't expect some soulless mope to place them in the jaws of a cold-blooded reptile, however.

I've been trying to stand back from judgment.  The story out of Preston, Idaho suggests the teacher has been feeding hamsters to reptiles for many years.  Where was the outcry?  Hamsters are cute and fuzzy animals.  Often hamsters are pets.  Why do some animals tug at our heart strings and no other innocent creatures?  This isn't as simple as I'd like.  I couldn't put a Hamster or puppy into the jaws of a carnivorous beast but small animals are fed to big animals every day at zoos.  Cattle are castrated and sometimes slaughtered.  In the wild animals often die being torn to shreds by predators and, yet.

This man in Preston, if it's true, I can't forgive him.  If he adopted the puppy with the goal of making a sacrifice then I condemn him for fraud.  Cruelty is another matter and I'm not sure I'm qualified to pass sentence.

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