My first election was 1980.  I turned 18 on the very last day I was eligible to register.  My second voting experience was a bond at my old high school.  It was to build a new gymnasium.  I backed the idea, even though I was well into college.

Bond issues have now failed twice this year in Filer and the vote was even more lopsided against the project the second time around.

This isn’t the end.  A third and likely downsized proposal should be on the way.  Perhaps by late winter or early next spring. 

Voters in communities across the Magic Valley are getting very stingy.

What gives here?

I’ve a few theories.  Voters in communities across the Magic Valley are getting very stingy.  There are already multiple bond issues (where governments and schools borrow to fund construction projects) that are in the works and/or are proposed.  We may be experiencing borrowing fatigue.  Additionally, the state is going to need scads and scads of dollars to fund Medicaid expansion.  We’re not even there yet and we’re seeing slowing revenue projections.

In Filer, objections may be centered on just one portion of the request.  The school system would like to purchase a piece of property now for projected expansion later.  Real estate agents believe available property is vanishing and in a few years will be much more expensive.

Julie Koyle is a member of the committee making the various bond pitches to the public.  She joined us on Newsradio 1310, KLIX and offered thoughts on what comes next.  You can listen to the video below:

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