I love a good vacation. Usually, the hotel is a BIG part of your vacation. If you stay in a crappy hotel it sets the whole mood for your vacation.

According to a new survey from Canstar Blue, 30% of us have asked for a different room after checking into a hotel.

Here are our top five complaints about hotels.

  1. When the room hasn't been cleaned well enough.
  2. Noisy guests in other rooms.
  3. Any sort of hidden costs, like being charged for Internet access.
  4. Dealing with rude staff.
  5. Paying a lot for a not-so-great room.

Five things we LOVE most about staying in hotels.

  1. The beds... unless they're uncomfortable, obviously.
  2. Having access to a pool or a hot tub.
  3. Getting anything for free.
  4. Room service.  Obviously not the price, but the convenience of it.
  5. When staff members are actually HELPFUL, and answer questions.

Did we get them all? What are the things you love and hate about hotels?