Some people are saying that we are overreacting to the coronavirus pandemic and that we don't need to close all the bars, restaurants, or quarantine ourselves. Others are saying that we aren't doing enough and that the only way to stem the progress of the COVID-19 virus is to completely isolate yourself. Either way, this isn't an easy time for anyone. Kids are stuck at home when they are supposed to be celebrating spring break, parents are working from home, and many businesses are either closed or experiencing drops in customers. One of the many businesses hit hard by the pandemic are hotel chains. Nobody wants to travel right now or they aren't allowed to leave their homes so hotels aren't booking as many stays. That isn't stopping some from trying new tactics to book rooms.

Hotel Work Room credit FB
Hotel Work Room credit FB

At least one hotel in Burley is offering their rooms at a seemingly reasonable rate on a daily or weekly basis for those required to work from home, but are finding home work to be too distracting. Some advertisers are even offering free toilet paper along with their services. It might be worth renting a hotel room for $25 a day just because it does include the room and toilet paper. Honestly, I might send my kids to a hotel so they can watch TV and not steal my internet bandwidth.

The American Hotel and Lodging Association posted their statistics on the effect of the pandemic for each state. They say that in Idaho there are normally around 11,000 hotel jobs and that the coronavirus pandemic could cause the loss of nearly 5,000 of them in the next few weeks.

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