Oh, what a letdown.  I saw a new building going up on Pole Line Road in Twin Falls.  As I was driving by my mind playing tricks.  I thought a feature at the front of the building suggested an  In-n-Out restaurant.  Even though that would be big news well in advance.  I drove around the block, snapped some pictures, and texted Twin Falls Councilman Chris Reid.

He wrote back and informed me the new structure was an oil change business.

Nothing wrong with oil changes, but we need t.  Nothing against the myriad of local and franchised burger joints.  I just think when it comes to burgers and fries, that the more options the better.  For In-n-Out I’m willing to drive the two hours and 45 minutes to Utah for a stop, but not very often.  Five minutes, on the other hand, would satiate me once a month.

As for the oil change, I’ve already seen complaints we don’t need another.  We do.  That’s why it’s being built.  For the same reason, we have new car washes, banks, and hotels.  They fill a demand.  Businessmen and women do their research before they invest in a new location.  If they’re borrowing, they need proof of a payoff.

Now we need someone to come along with a study that says Twin Falls can support additional restaurants.  Especially one that has a national reputation and is beloved by tens of thousands of customers.

Would you like to see  In-n-Out in Twin Falls?  Please let me know.

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