They served their country and then were forgotten by families and friends.  Three veterans are being buried Friday in Twin Falls County.  Their remains have been stored at the coroner’s office.  They died poor.  No one came to claim them and it was a struggle to connect with some distant family members.

The Missing in America Project is an organization dedicated to ensuring not one serviceman or woman is abandoned.

The three veterans will be laid to rest on Friday afternoon at the Snake River Canyon National Cemetery.  The ceremony is scheduled for 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

Prior, an honor guard comprised of law enforcement and military will gather at the Reformed Church on Pole Line Road in Twin Falls.  Then proceed to the cemetery in Buhl.

There are tens of thousands of veterans (possibly many more) who struggle or struggled to resume civilian life.  Many returned with post-traumatic stress disorder and in some cases declined treatment.

An uncle came home from war and spent the remaining years of his life in a bottle.  He had served as a medic with an army marching across Europe.  He never spoke of the horrors he witnessed.  When he died, there were sad words among relatives but few traveled to attend his funeral.  He believed we wouldn’t understand and I would say he was right.

The public is invited to attend Friday’s ceremony as a sign of respect and gratitude.  The new national cemetery is across the street from the traditional cemetery in Buhl.
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