Four people are facing multiple charges after being arrested for their alleged involvement in a home invasion in Dietrich in March.  The Times News reports the four are identified as 27 year old Jeremiah Bennett and  30 year old Gabriel Baker, 30 year old Jamie Taylor, the only female,  and 22 year old Aaron Donabedian.  It’s alleged that the four raided the home of David and Colleen Conner of Dietrich on the night of March 9th while the couple was sleeping.  David Conner was bound with rope and placed on the kitchen floor after being jumped when he answered the door.  His wife, Colleen, was forced to find money and valuables in the house.  Sometime after the incident, Aaron Donabedian was arrested by Twin Falls Police at a local restaurant.  During questioning he implicated the others in the incident.  All four are facing multiple charges.   Bennett and Baker are being held on $750,000 bond.  Taylor on $100,000 bond and Donabedian on $50,000 bond.