This is the first year I have tried a garden and I was pretty proud of it until I pulled my first cucumber off the bush. It looks like a giant squash instead of a cucumber. What did I do wrong? I promise this is a cucumber.

It is a burpless cucumber bush, which I had never heard of before, but decided to give it a shot. I love cucumbers, they are one of my favorites. But this one looks like a squash. I haven't eaten it yet I am afraid I am going to be disappointed in my hard work.

I have been told that there was too much water, that I left it on there too long and that I obviously just don't know what I am doing. The third one may be correct but how do I fix it? I got another cucumber off that same bush and it looks like a normal cucumber, perfect for pickling if you ask me.

I am from a desert where water is scarce and plants don't grow. Everything is too hot and dry so I literally have no idea what I am doing. I thought I followed all the directions but apparently not.

I am also having a hard time with my strawberry plants. They haven't even started budding. I think I screwed that up too. I am starting to think my thumb is more of a shade of black than green.

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