It’s like the guys are trying to give the words “used car dealer” a bad name.

This is another example of poor service being excused as business.

Last month, I decided to let a broker sell my old Jeep.  When I had my first meeting, I was told once it was sold, I would get a check within ten days.  I trusted the promise because the guy speaking with me knew everything and wasn’t afraid to share his knowledge.

On August 8,it sold.  I was told I would get a check on the 21st and if you’re doing math we’re talking 13 days.  I didn’t hear a peep on the 21st and on the 22nd telephoned the office.  When I was told I would get a call back, I was appeased, but my telephone was silent.  On the 23rd, I was told "have no fear, the check had been mailed earlier in the week".

Apparently, by Pony Express.  It’s the 25th and still no check.  I drive by the broker’s office twice a day.  If someone had simply called me, I could’ve stopped and grabbed my money while driving home.  This is another example of poor service being excused as business.  Oddly, the day the Jeep sold I mentioned I was possibly in the market for a Ford Raptor and it was explained the broker could locate one.  I do believe I’ll shop somewhere else.

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