Would you drive this?

It was a question I posted on Facebook without judgment.  I have family members who are anime fans, and they would be impressed.  While I wouldn’t want to be seen behind the wheel, I often drive employer vehicles wrapped in call letters.  It makes you behave because you don’t want to annoy the boss if you get a telephone call at the office from another driver.  Also possibly annoyed!

When I was in college I drove a tricked-out 1978 Dodge Tradesman 200 van.  It had some teardrop windows, a sunroof, and scenes of a pine forest against a blue sky.  Some of the window screens were of a forest at night.  It gave me an identity my friends didn’t have.  We say we like being different, and if you can resist peer pressure, hey, why not?  It also helped people see the van and admire the look.  I still sometimes dream I’m driving it, forty years later.

Today, I don’t like attracting attention when driving or when in public.  When people stop and talk to me about my work, sometimes I’m flattered but also a bit embarrassed.  Because I don’t build rockets or cure disease.  Someone puts a microphone in front of you and suddenly you’re an expert in all sorts of things.

Now, there are exceptions.  A few years ago I saw a purple Wrangler on a Jeep lot.  Imagine big horns on each side and a Viking on the hood!  It's just to annoy Green Bay fans.

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