OAKLEY, Idaho (KLIX) – Water officials met late Friday afternoon to discuss the problems that Oakley Reservoir is faced with due to flooding.

“We’ve been dealing with flooding for several weeks,” said Fire Chief Harlo Clark, noting that the main problem facing the reservoir now is warmer temperatures causing quick runoff from Goose Creek.

“It’s causing a lot higher rate [of flow] than the reservoir had for most of January and February,” he said. “The canal company is concerned about it filling faster than expected.”

The last big challenge the reservoir faced was more than three decades ago, Clark said – “back in 1984 when we built the canal in three days from Oakley to Burley.”

Many parts of Cassia County have been dealing with flooding, and Oakley has had its share of snowmelt.

“We’ve been able to handle it pretty well,” Clark said of his small community.

The runoff from Goose Creek, however, is a different problem.

“The ground is saturated,” he said.

It was unclear late Friday afternoon what decision water officials came up with for the reservoir, as they were still in meeting when this story published, but more information will be posted as it becomes available.

Elsewhere in the county, Burley resident Penne Main, who works for Townsquare Media, the parent company of News Radio 1310, said she’s seen friends, businesses and churches face flooding problems in various parts of the county.

One acquaintance of hers was in a grocery store recently stocking up on food, and providing some of it to area volunteers.

Grace Church of Rupert was faced with high water, “but luckily we were able to stave it off,” Main said, noting that her own home was spared flood damage.

“I just praise God for that,” she said. “I’m so grateful for that.”

Main said although much of her county has experienced flooding problems, she’s been gladdened by how the people of Cassia County have stepped up.

“The way everyone has united here is a really grand example of community,” she said. “We’re working together and serving each other. It has truly been remarkable.”

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