Attention Kmart shoppers!  Something really cool is coming to fill the void when the store closes. 

You can understand the selection will be even greater at the larger location.

I believe I’ve been to Kmart twice in the last 5 years.  My visits to D&B Supply are a lot more frequent.  First, the quality of merchandise at D&B is tops.  Every thing you buy there is built to last.  It’s the store every corner of rural and urban America needs.

The Twin Falls D&B is also a bit crowded.  On a Saturday morning it can be elbow-to-elbow.  Imagine, if there was more space.  And there will be!  D&B is moving to the Kmart location.  Not only will there be much more display space indoors, the parking lot is massive.

There are few places in the Valley where I can get pet supplies, tools and a backyard grill all in one stop.  You can understand the selection will be even greater at the larger location.  It may also boost business at the busy intersection of Eastland Drive and Addison Avenue.

When a friend at D&B Supply told me just how much more floor space would be available, I wanted to ask if there would be room for a radio studio.

This is a win for Twin Falls.  Everything you could get at Kmart you could find somewhere else and often much more.  Having a giant country store is another matter.

Neighboring businesses must also be thrilled.  Increased foot traffic at one store nearby usually spells an increase for several more.

I’m guessing the move should be complete early next year.

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