Monday in Twin Falls was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and temperatures were in the low 80's, so my family made the decision that it needed to be our first day back on the water in our kayaks. We loaded everything up and headed to Centennial Park to launch into the Snake River and attempt to at least make it to under the Perrine Bridge.

Halfway to the Bridge We Got a Visit From Authorities

As we meandered up the river, we saw that the Twin Falls Sheriff department was out on the water in their boat doing safety checks on the water adventurers. They slowly made their way towards us, so I knew they were going to ask to see that we had everything required.

What we didn't expect was that the tiny waves from the boat would make my son fall off his kayak. I say 'off' instead of 'out of' because my son is a weirdo and likes to use his kayak like a gondola. He stands or sits on the very back of the kayak so the front lifts out of the water and he's basically sitting in the water. It isn't a very stable way to travel so when the boat pulled up it took him out. The officers made sure he was OK and then commended him for wearing his life-jacket and gave him a coupon for a free root beer float.

credit N8
credit N8

These officers were very kind to us and were recently recognized for the work they are doing to keep our waters safe.

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The officers checked to make sure we all had our life-jackets, a whistle, and the Idaho Invasive Species tags.

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