Once again, the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office is reminding the community about parking rules at certain recreational locations in Twin Falls.

Parking Issues At Centennial Park

A common problem location in Twin Falls for parking is Centennial Park. The area has parking designated for regular vehicles and a section designated for vehicles with trailers. The parking lots are lined with signs advising visitors of the rules, yet there always seems to be at least one car parked in the trailer area on busy days.

Twin Falls Sheriff Warns About Parking At Centennial Park

The warm season has only just begun and the calls of improper parking are already happening. Last week, the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook a reminder that parking violations can result in fines and your vehicle being towed. Visitors who park in the wrong areas and claim they ‘didn't see the sign’ or ‘I’m not from here’ will still be cited and possibly towed. There are numerous signs around the park telling drivers where they can park.

Fines For Parking Violations At Centennial Park

In the Facebook post, the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office states that vehicles without trailers who park in the trailer-only area can receive a ticket for $156, a tow bill for $165, or both fees.

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Boat vs Kayak Issues At Twin Falls Centennial Park

Parking isn’t the only issue at Centennial Park. Authorities are also warning boaters to be cautious around non-motorized watercraft. Reckless boaters who travel too close to kayaks and paddleboards could face legal charges. The Sheriff’s office states:

Trying to knock people off their kayaks and paddleboards is certainly not acceptable and could result in a misdemeanor negligent operation charge. If that person falls off their paddleboard or kayak and drowns, it becomes an aggravated felony charge.

Being charged with a felony isn’t worth it. Boat safe and be courteous of others enjoying the water.

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