It's wonderful to live by Snake River Canyon. You get incredible views and our beautiful river as your daily backdrop. But, there is one caveat that comes along with that. Every now and then, an uninvited visitor will sometimes wander in.

Our friend, Kathy Williams, shared this picture on Facebook last night. If you remember, Kathy had a huge snake enter her house a few months ago. It appears that she has had a repeat performance as another one has made an appearance in her bedroom. I think my favorite part of Kathy's post is the comment about her cat's reaction.

The cat was on the bed with his eyes the size of quarters...

Here's the snake all by his big, bad self.

Photo, courtesy of Kathy Williams via Facebook

If you're curious about the possibilities of what types of snakes make a home in our area, Wikipedia has a helpful page complete with pictures, in case you need a quick reference for an unwelcome visitor in your casa.