There are a lot of cool houses in Twin Falls.  One stood out recently.  I was driving through the Preserve, a new development at Pole Line Road and Eastland Drive.  The neighborhood is close to the canyon trail, the mall, grocery stores, and the LDS Temple.  Great views in just about any direction.  It’s one of the fastest-growing developments in southern Idaho.  When I saw the house pictured above, I thought it could be a survivalist’s dream.  I suspect, however, the silo contains a staircase.  A survivalist needs embattlements.

I like the looks of the place at the Preserve but know it’s out of my price range!  Hey, I work in small market radio.  Two, it’s at the Preserve.

The other thing is, you want different things from a house at different stages of your life.  When I was young I wanted a big old Victorian (I’m talking a home!)  Today, it would be a big echo chamber and there would be too many stairs.  Even before my joints got old and creaky, I was outfitted with trifocals.  Trust me, it made climbing difficult.

I had some foreshadowing.  When I lived on the east coast I befriended Jim and Sarah Brady.  She was recovering from cancer surgery and he was in a wheelchair.  If you recall, he was President Reagan’s first Press Secretary and was badly wounded in the assassination attempt on the President.  They eventually sold their beach house and moved to a smaller place in Virginia.  She told me it would be easier on both of them as they needed some special care.

You younger folks will get there sooner than you believe.  In the meantime, look for a place that will make you happy.  Don’t give up on that dream house.

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