We live in a beautiful part of the world.  One that also includes some personal responsibility.  Several years ago I took my old Jeep on some back country roads.  Or some of them were roads.  I found myself driving in places I should have avoided.  Along one ridge line, I could feel the earth collapsing beneath my tires on the side facing a gully.  By the grace of the Almighty, I got out of that dangerous spot.  If I had rolled over and been trapped, I might still be there.  I hadn’t told anyone where I was going.  The trip was spontaneous.

Recent weeks haven’t been kind to people along our canyons and ridge lines.  A driver went over the canyon rim at Federation Point in Twin Falls a few weeks ago.  Then another man fell to his death attempting to get a better look at the crash scene.

Earlier this week, deputies and first responders had to confront the tragedy in the south hills.  A driver went over a ledge.  A horseman later came across the wreckage.  Travel conditions in some places are still dicey because of a significant snowpack.

I have the privilege at work to speak to law enforcers and other first responders.  Know the conditions when you’re traveling and in remote areas.  Number two, try and tell a family member or friend where you’re going and an estimated time of return.  It may provide enough time for rescue if you find yourself in an accident.  Rescue is a better alternative than a recovery operation.

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