There was a recent study done on gun ownership by state. I'll give you 2 guesses how Idaho ranks versus other states, but you'll only need 1.

This was reported by CBS News. There are two different breakdowns of gun ownership by state, but in both, Idaho is top 6. When it comes to number of guns owned by citizens, Idaho is #3. When it comes to being heavily-armed, Idaho still comes in at #6. That study lists 24.2 guns for every 1,000 Idaho residents.

I will admit that when I first saw these studies, it was confusing to me that Idaho came in at different ranks. From what I can gather from the methodology, Idaho comes in higher in the gun ownership rank due to the fact that some weapons don't qualify as "heavily-armed". Alrighty, then.

To simplify this, if you're wondering if the Idahoan you're seeing is packing heat, assume yes and you'll rarely be wrong.

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