I owe Jerry Kramer a debt of gratitude.  As he prepares for enshrinement at the Pro Football Hall of Fame he’s being honored by Idaho Legislators.

The first time a book longer than Golden Books held my rapt attention

Kramer isn’t native to the Gem State but he came here when he was 4-years-old.  His gift as a storyteller was displayed in his books about football, growing up and then reminiscing about his playing days.

As a boy I lived in a small town.  TV reception was limited and winter was cold and long.  The town library had a fireplace and on nights when the thermometer often was in single digits or below zero the library was an escape from the humdrum of home.

As a boy I also loved football more than anything but family.  I’d go through the stacks at the library and one evening a book caught my attention.  A ballplayer, seated on a bench, his helmet cocked on his head.  Instant Replay was the title.  I walked into the room and started reading next to the fire.  The first time a book longer than Golden Books held my rapt attention.  I checked it out, went home and read it in a matter of days.  Then I renewed it and read it a second time.  You could say Jerry Kramer taught me how to read.  I owe the man a love of books.

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