In 2015, the City of Twin Falls closed the leaf and Christmas Tree disposal station at 136 Maxwell Ave, due to increased costs and low participation. That doesn't mean you're left with a dead tree and nowhere to take it. Here's the best way for Twin Falls residents to dispose of their Christmas trees.

Twin Falls residents may have their old tree removed at no extra fee, as part of your weekly curbside service.  If you have a very large tree, they ask that you cut it into manageable, 3 feet sections.  For most trees, simply cutting it in half will do the trick.

Curbside pick-up of old Christmas trees is often more convenient for our customers, who can usually just cut their old tree in half and discard it with their garbage and recycling. There is no need to haul it to another location for disposal, and it’s a service that is provided at no additional cost to our customers. - Josh Palmer

You may also discard old Christmas trees, leaves, and other refuse up to 280 pounds at the Southern Idaho Solid Waste Transfer Station located at 2186 Orchard Drive East. The Transfer Station charges a fee for disposal based on the total weight of materials being discarded.

For more information about the Transfer Station’s services and hours of operation, please call Southern Idaho Solid Waste at 208-734-3139. For more information about the City of Twin Falls garbage and recycling services please call 208-735-7249 or 208-735-7250.

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