It's no secret that it is a political year-- everywhere you look, watch, and read it seems we're hearing something about the Democratic Primary, State-specific polls, or something that Donald Trump said the day before. I really, truly believe that being politically AWARE at the very minimum is so important. It doesn't matter to me what you believe, but it just seems wise that you're aware of what's going on and taking full advantage of the freedom of thought and speech in the United States.

Perhaps you've seen one of these text messages come through recently that mentions a candidate and says "can we count on your vote?".

These texts always know my name and by the way-- who are you and why would I ever tell a stranger who I'm voting for? Well despite how much I really am engaged in the political landscape, I simply don't want these annoying texts coming to my phone.

Credit: Mateo
Credit: Mateo

First of all-- WHY and HOW are you getting these texts? Well, voter registration is public information and since its one person texting you, or "peer to peer", there's nothing illegal about what the campaign is doing.

Unfortunately, no anti-spam text lists exist out there like the Do Not Call Registry, so what can you do?

According to political experts, simply reply 'STOP' and you will receive a reply saying that you have been removed from the text list.  That doesn't, however, remove you from ALL political lists-- perhaps, from JUST that campaign. Reply 'STOP' to any that come in that you aren't down with.



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