Maybe they believe the women should be pouring their tea.  I’ve noticed in recent years that many of the men serving in the Idaho Legislator believe their female colleagues are the wait staff.  Aside from Priscilla Giddings, who appeared to frighten many of the fellows?  She served in the House.  The Senate comes across as being far more misogynistic.  President Pro Tempore Chuck Winder is the man behind the latest effort to put the girls back in place.  Or those who aren’t compliant with his desires.

He’s removed State Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld as Vice Chair of the powerful health committee.  Only a few months after she led the charge for an investigation into some possible shenanigans at Health and Welfare.

Winder, the recipient of large amounts of special interest campaign cash is warning Zuiderveld of even worse punishment if she continues to warn her constituents about the explosive growth of state spending.  He also doesn’t appear to find cartoons funny.  Zuiderveld posted a meme showing Winder as a Republican in name only and as a tool of the lobbyists.

Senator Zuiderveld joined Magic Valley This Morning and read the letter Winder sent her.  It’s not even clear what line she crossed.  The old codger never mentioned the details of her sin.

State Republican Party Chair Dorothy Moon followed up in the next hour.  She explained legislative leadership talks about following tradition, not the actual rules of the Senate.

Winder’s own constituents need to ask themselves if they can do better.  In this writer’s opinion, he serves the big players but not the people of Idaho.  He’s quite possibly the most evil little man in state government, and that says a lot.

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