This weekend, I spent about 120 seconds on my phone and it may well have been the best spent time of my entire "quaren-weekend".

The national primaries here in Idaho have come and gone and with Donald Trump and Joe Biden securing their wins here in Idaho, local primaries are set to be coming up.

COVID-19 has effected the way that everything operates and with Governor Brad Little's sweeping 'Stay At Home' order last week, everyone here in Idaho is feeling it. What does that mean for the May elections?  Well, the uncertainty isn't helping anything.

As always, mailing in a request for an absentee ballot--in other words, a ballot you can mail in if you can't make election day--is always an option. New to Idaho before this primary is the ONLINE option to request that ballot. It takes a lot less time, saves some paper, and is extremely convenient. I did it from my iPhone and all I needed was my drivers license number and the last four of my social.

If you're hoping to vote, requesting that online absentee ballot may be the best option for you--and it's certainly convenient.

Election day, which is set for May 19th, MAY be changing. Secretary of State Lawrence Denney asked the Governor if the election could be pushed back a month. We'll keep you posted on that.

Once you mail in your absentee ballot, you're good to go, no matter WHEN election day is. To request yours online, click HERE.

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