Hugh Hefner once expressed he didn’t believe in an afterlife.  A psychiatrist wrote many years ago the rampant pursuit of sex was a misplaced search for God.

He got rich. The culture got destroyed.

As Hefner was being lionized at death for his business acumen I wondered why nobody was referencing the destruction wrought by the sexual revolution.  You could argue he fired the first shot when he launched Playboy in the early 1950s.

The magazine originally didn’t feature full nudity but by the 1970s moved in the direction to compete with new and raunchier challengers.  Now the Internet provides a steady diet of pornography even Hefner may have found a little too much.

I can’t believe we can mourn the man.  Since his empire launched we’ve seen the destruction of the family.  We’ve seen even more people with unhealthy expectations in relationships and a spike in unwed motherhood and sexually transmitted diseases.  He got rich.  The culture got destroyed.

Is he in hell?  One priest ponders the question.

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