TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – The Idaho Transportation Department closed Interstate 86 between exits 1 and 36 mid Monday due to flooding.

Nathan Jerke explained that department records indicate the Raft River water level rose so high it occasionally flooded the median.

Levels which the ITD hasn't seen since the 80's

“But never at this depth for this duration of time,” said Jerke.

In drone footage given to us by Jared VanderKooi you can see the washed out road.

ITD suggests using I-84 or US 93 and avoid the neighboring local roadways which may also become overrun with water.

“Not being a local you might not know if there's a culvert pipe that's underneath there that's washed out or something like that so we really don't recommend folks going out on roadways that they're not familiar with,” said Jerke.

Jerke says I-86 could be open as early as Thursday or it may be another 2 to 3 days.

A local farmer in the area we spoke with says it almost looked worse Wednesday morning than it did on Monday.

It really does depend on how quickly melt off comes off of the farm field as well as the whole basin the Raft River Basin.

Unlike a winter storm closing the freeway, the Transportation Department can notify motorists well before the interstate closure as far back as Glennsferry.

That way while traveling you can make alternative plans and don't get stuck or break the law.

“We want motorists to know that if you go through a barricade that that is considered a traffic control device you can be cited for going through a road closed barricade,” said Jerke.

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