An unnamed individual on a recent fishing trip with his/her brother reported seeing an unexplained aerial phenomenon that appeared to change shapes over an area of the Snake River northeast of Twin Falls.

The National UFO Reporting Center recently finished an investigation into a sighting that reportedly took place on August 16, 2021, in the small town of Ririe, which is located south of Rexburg. The NUFORC published its findings on Friday (August 20). The witness shared a great deal of information about the object that hovered in the trees, and down into a canyon while he/she observed.

According to the report, the witness was on a two-day fly fishing trip with a family member. The two were camping approximately 50-yards from one another, when a bright object caught the eye of the witness. The unidentified aerial phenomenon was described as being the size of a "very large beach ball." The witness also claimed it had blinking lights, and took on a much larger form.

The witness observed the shape-changing sphere for approximately 45-minutes, according to the report. The object was also observed as taking on a "fuzzy" appearance. Both of the family members were able to eventually see the object. Ririe is located 177 miles northeast of Twin Falls.

The witness claims the object couldn't have been a drone due to the shape-changing and lack of any sound coming from the object, which at times hovered very close to the family members. The witnessed reported the incident to the NUFORC approximately 48-hours after the sighting occurred.

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