Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher support Kevin McCarthy, for now.  The two Idaho Republicans supported the Californian in his quest to become Speaker of the House on all three ballots Tuesday.  It looks as if the Idaho delegation did the same on the fourth ballot, which is just concluding as I write this.

Politically, Fulcher is much better aligned with Jim Jordan’s Freedom caucus, however.  Jordan has backed McCarthy, his sometimes rival for GOP affections in the House.  McCarthy has already moved many files and furniture into the Speaker’s office.  The Speaker also maintains a district office, though.  The role of the Speaker isn’t confined to House members.  Technically, an outsider could be selected for the role.  Some have even suggested former President Trump could fill the position, but that would very much be a longshot.  Trump backs McCarthy.

There are well over 200 Republicans in the chamber.  In any group of 218 people, you can usually find some good and skilled leaders.  It’s time for Republicans to consider another figure and there are compromise candidates available.

Meanwhile, Democrats and mainstream media are mocking the slow process and claim McCarthy’s opponents are somehow extremists.  I watched the first three ballots live.  My impression is what we’re seeing is a good civics lesson.  And you wouldn’t expect Democrats and media allies to pass up an opportunity to paint an ugly picture of the GOP.

Someone asked me yesterday who I would like as Speaker.  My honest answer is someone that’s fair and respects the entire party caucus.  I believe this could be Jim Jordan or Steve Scalise.  Even Russ Fulcher but he’s kept a low profile and is still relatively low on seniority, which appears to overrule ability and talent.

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