This could simply be an urban legend.  People are telling me a video exists of U.S. Representative Mike Simpson calling his constituents idiots or something along the same lines.  I did an extensive search online and came up with nothing.  Simpson has long been involved in politics, so it’s highly unlikely he would be caught in such a moment.

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But if it was true, would it hurt his re-election effort?  I’m not sure it would harm his prospects.  The liberals in the state are suddenly in love with him because he opposed Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.  The same in newsrooms (is that redundant?  After all, I already said liberals!)

The old establishment Republicans like him as well.  He’s a lot like them.  Beholden to special interests and donor cash.

It’s a coalition that could easily put him back in office.  I hear many Republicans across the board complain about the man, but generally not in public.  Some county committees have censored him over plans to remove dams from the lower Snake River.  It doesn’t seem to matter every other year.

Let’s face it, this seat is his as long as he wants the job.  With a caveat.  If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain.  Half the eligible electorate won’t show up for a General Election.  The numbers are even lower in off years and even less for primaries.  You’ve got to show up.  For all the talk about your vote not mattering, it sure can.  Don’t blame Mike Simpson if you stay home the next round.

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