The only way we would ever see a gas stove ban in Idaho is if it came from the federal government.  Some liberal states are moving ahead with bans, buying arguments that natural gas is bad for human health and that some of the gas seeps and fouls the atmosphere.  Which they then claim contributes to global warming.

People who have some skill when it comes to cooking will say gas is the best alternative, especially in the restaurant business.

You would then think the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in Washington would see support for gas a slam dunk but, whoa!

Some of the more conservative members of the caucus blocked any such effort on Tuesday.  Not because they favor electric ovens.  They did it out of petulance or spite against Speaker Kevin McCarthy.  The small group within the House minority wants to send McCarthy a note about their displeasure.

This should be a short objection.  Republican constituents overwhelmingly see a gas stove ban as government overreach.  Liberals say the government doesn’t belong in your bedroom.  The government doesn’t belong in my kitchen.

You’ll see McCarthy’s troops fall in line after he acknowledges their pique.

Liberals want to tell you what to cook with, what to eat, what to drive, and in some cases to drive or not to drive.  The ideological battle requires a unified Republican front.

My personal preference is natural gas.  From cooking popcorn to frying eggs, you get a much better outcome.  Do you need to test my argument?  Cook your eggs over easy on an electric range.  Your breakfast will be uneven and rubbery.  If you insist on changing the world, volunteer at a shelter. Gas stoves account for 40 percent of Idaho use.

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