Why would you roast animals you claim to love?  I see this nearly every time I go shopping.  One day I saw dogs trapped in side-by-side cars.  At one shop a few weeks ago I saw a fellow pushing carts back into the store and asked him if an announcement could be made.  “The windows are cracked,” was his reply.

Here’s an experiment.  Stop your car and crack the windows.  See how long it takes to become uncomfortable.  And you can perspire.  A dog can’t.  It also can’t lose the fur coat. 

He chose instead to shout at me for catching him while he was engaged in animal cruelty.

At one grocery store many years ago a woman told me the policy was they don’t call out the animal torturers.  The fear is the shopper will be angry and won’t ever come back and buy more products.  So the dogs suffer.

Idaho State Legislators have turned blind eyes.  Maybe they participate in the ritual.

Yesterday, I went to a store and when I walked in shouted someone with a Ford Explorer was cooking a dog.  The cashiers became nervous and looked at me as if I was causing unnecessary trouble.  When I finished shopping I went outside and the dog in the picture was panting and shifting as if looking for a cool spot.

Ten minutes later a couple emerged from the store.  One with empty hands.  He could’ve stayed with a running vehicle with the A/C keeping things cool.  He chose instead to shout at me for catching him while he was engaged in animal cruelty.  I believe he called me an S.O.B. as I was leaving.

The license plates suggest these people are from Cassia County, which means the dog likely had several roasting stops between Twin Falls and home.  If you can’t leave the dog behind then one of you can stay with the dog at all times.  Or better yet, abusers shouldn’t own animals.

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