All four members of Idaho's delegation agree that the budget, the economy, and health care are their top priorities as the 112th Congress gets underway in Washington DC. Idaho's senators, despite not being in the majority, immediately set down their agenda. Senator Jim Risch says his biggest concern is the deficit. Risch said jobs and the economy will also be high on his priority list. Senator Mike Crapo says he will be eyeing job creation as a priority. Over on the House side, Idaho's congressmen are in the majority. Freshman Congressman Raul Labrador says his number-one priority will be repealing health care reform. His fellow Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has already gotten to work doing just that by co-sponsoring a repeal of the law.   While both Simpson and Labrador say repeal of the entire health care law is very unlikely they both talked about working towards amending parts of the bill, and sending a message by passing the repeal in just the House. That vote should happen as early as next week.