It’s political season again in Idaho and that means debates, airing of concerns, and the airing of concerning political ads.

Idahoans are Coming Unhinged Because of This Recent Political Ad

Some political ads just state the facts and don’t get creative with the production. Other ads go into attack mode with accusations against the other candidates. Then we have the political ads where they try to get creative and this is where we usually find the most entertaining side of politics. Idaho’s current Governor, Brad Little, just delivered one of those ads and it has nothing to do with what his message is or his plans for Idaho.

Watch: This Bizarre Political Ad is Making Idahoans Go Crazy

A ‘Brad Little for Idaho’ ad uploaded at the end of April is fittingly titled ‘Chainsaw’ because that is all anyone can remember or talk about after they watch the ad.

Watch Idahoans Get Triggered By This Bizarre Brad Little Political Ad

The problem isn’t the verbal message in the Brad Little ad, it’s the visual message. This isn't even about politics at this point. People can’t get over the fact that Little is using the chainsaw to chop through a giant log and he isn’t wearing protective glasses. You can even see him get hit in the face with a few woodchips at various times in the video. He could probably do a better job of using the leverage/bucking spikes on the chainsaw too, but that's just my opinion.

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I’m guilty of using a chainsaw without safety glasses but I’m not running for office and posting videos of my bad decisions online.

This Bizarre Political Ad is Making Idahoans go Crazy Right Now

If you love questionable political ads, like the one above from Brad Little, you’ll love this crazy one from Gary Chambers in Louisiana. Both videos feature cans of gasoline, so that's fun.

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