It got some attention in 2018.  Democrats nominated women for Governor and Lt. Governor.  A woman was elected as Lt. Governor on the Republican line.  The House Minority Leader in Boise is a woman and over in the Senate, women are starting to play a larger role.

Women are especially becoming a dominant force in the House.  Republicans are often viewed as coming from two factions and both camps have women in prominent roles.  This is something I hadn’t given much thought until one of my regular guests mentioned it a couple of weeks ago.  Pete Coulson explained women are more and more taking the lead and come across as politically fearless.

This isn’t new.  Maxine Bell and Helen Chenoweth blazed trails long ago and both were larger than life on the political stage.

The legislative women who appear on my program aren’t simply articulate.  I’ve told several of them it’s nice to have guests who come with a pulse.  The measured monotone of a lot of the guys is like watching paint dry.

These women not only know policy but are witty and quick on their feet when it comes to questions.  They don’t seem to take offense when a caller needles them or gives them a hard time.  Which is why I believe their numbers will continue to grow at the state legislative level.  Which also means they’ll likely become successors for congressional offices.  Just by sheer numbers they’ll dominate state politics twenty years from now.

By the way, the wit I praised cuts across party lines.  I may have my disagreements with some Democrats but find I personally like the people serving on the other side of the aisle.  Public life is a risky venture.  You’ll be criticized, called noxious names and put up with a lot of poison pen words on social media.  It doesn’t deter the women of Idaho politics.

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