Jim Risch attempted to spike a nomination!  Tracy Stone-Manning is going to be the next leader of the Bureau of Land Management.  A U.S. Senate committee gave the green light during a hearing this week.  The full Senate is likely to approve.

some of Stone-Manning’s former associates and criminal investigators claim she lied during hearings.

Stone-Manning is a controversial figure.  Three decades ago she was involved with Earth First.  While it appears she never drove a spike into an old growth tree she worked with a cell involved with spiking.  If you and three friends are robbing a bank and one kills a teller, the four of you could stand trial for homicide.

Some people say the nominee was young at the time and we often do stupid things when young.  And we expect forgiveness.  Trouble is, some of Stone-Manning’s former associates and criminal investigators claim she lied during hearings.  If you didn’t tell the truth in a job interview, it’s unlikely you would get the job.

Risch took time during the committee hearing to remind people driving a spike into a tree wasn’t only dangerous in 1991 but remains dangerous in 2021.  There are still some spiked trees and they haven’t been logged.  These are delayed time bombs and are ready to cause mayhem.

When the Bureau of Land Management was created its main mission was to assist western ranchers and farmers.  Over time, liberal administrations have created mission creep and today the BLM is often at odds with the people who were originally to benefit.

Many of the Democrats sharing committee seats with Risch know very little about the western lifestyle and you can be assured, some don’t even care.  You can watch his comments during the hearing by clicking on the YouTube video below.

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