I’d like to believe my doctor is honorable.  Medical professionals tell me they hate the red tape involved in modern healthcare, which you could surmise is all because of government involvement in the system.

Washington could likely be picking up smaller shares of cost

Yet, apparently physicians like Medicaid.  An organization representing Idaho doctors wants legislators to finalize Medicaid expansion post haste.

If you’ve been living under a rock, voters last November approved the expansion by a surprising margin (over 60 percent said yes).  This means tens of thousands of poorer Idahoans will be added to an already pricey program.  One which the President suggests the federal government should leave in the hands of states.  Meaning Washington could likely be picking up smaller shares of cost.

The cynic in me says the doctors see a guaranteed revenue stream no matter the ultimate payer.  The delay in finalizing expansion may hinge on a work requirement.  Any such provision could land the whole issue in court.  Which means even more costs for state taxpayers.

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