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If you want to live a long life in Idaho, don’t call Benewah County home.  The website lists some of the worst places for lifespan in the state.  The story doesn’t rank all 44 counties, but enough to give us an indication of how the rural/city divide compares.  For instance, Twin Falls and Bonneville Counties are tied for the 10th worst.  The two places each share a hub city and both cities are roughly the same sizes.  Bannock County was the sixth worst.

The remaining counties at the bottom of the life lottery are primarily rural.  Communities that lack medical services.  You can find them in cities, though.  You can’t pin all of this on healthcare.  There are probably several other lifestyle issues involved.

Ada County didn’t make the list, so we’ll assume the immediate Boise area is ranked among the best for lifespan.  One thing I notice when I visit there is that people do a lot of walking.

A conservative friend of mine took a job many years ago in New York City and was surprised to learn the people of Manhattan are generally in robust health.  Many don’t own cars and walking is a requirement.  Of course, nobody in Idaho dies getting pushed off a subway platform.

None of this lessens my desire to live in Shoshone County.  I wouldn’t mind calling Wallace home.  You can actually do a lot of walking there!  To the post office, the store, and the downtown restaurants.  My only concern would be slipping on ice.  They get a bit more winter than the Magic Valley.

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