A liberal once told me the government needed to force people to eat better and live healthier.  He said it was because he didn’t believe he was responsible for paying your medical costs when your lifestyle came due.  Funny, because most of the heaviest reefer smokers I’ve known are liberals.  They’ve always told me their use of the drug was harmless.   Growing medical evidence suggests otherwise, but calling out the potheads is like canceling their religious sacrament.

Whenever I write one of these pieces I get a firestorm of responses from the brain dead.  They call me names and then insist there are things far worse for my health.  Beating yourself with a hammer, walking into a blast furnace, and jumping off a 50-story building without a chute could clearly all be worse.  You wouldn’t do those things (we hope), but why would you do something that not only may cause mental illness but also lead to severe heart disease?  For more on the latter, check this link.

A point I like to make when I receive complaints from smokers is why do they care what I write about.  I don’t make any laws.  I’m not a cop, judge, or jailer.  I’m not pulling the pipe out of your mouth.  I’m just passing along peer-reviewed research.  The liberals say to trust science.  Unless it interferes with a good high.

Here’s a question.  When you’re all forced into nursing homes by your late 40s, can I avoid paying for your medical costs?  At least the tobacco smokers die young and save us all a bundle.

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