BOISE -- A small plane made a crash landing on eastbound Interstate 84 near milepost 52 in Boise this morning, forcing police to shut down two lanes of traffic around 7 a.m. No one was injured.

According to officials, Jon Brinkerhoff was forced to make an emergency landing after the 1970 single engine Cessna he was flying ran out of fuel. He was about one mile from landing at the Boise Airport.

Just after the plane skidded to a stop, it was struck by a Ford pickup truck headed east in the middle lane of I-84.

"When I pass I hear a noise on my right side and my wife says, airplane," said Dao Nguyen, the driver of the truck. "And I say, 'I don't see airplane."

Due to the engine failure, there were no lights illuminated on the plane. Police say Nguyen clipped the left wing of the downed aircraft. He pulled off at the next exit to examine the damage.

"I opened the door and go look out on the right side and headlight broken, mirror gone and that's all I see," said Nguyen.

Nguyen was headed to the Mountain Home area to go fishing when the accident occurred. After assessing the damage, he turned around and drove home with pieces of fiberglass still lodged in his truck. He called police to report the damage and was later cited for leaving the scene of the accident.

Luckily, neither Nguyen nor his wife were injured in the accident. When asked by his wife how he didn't see the plane Nguyen said he doesn't usually look up while he's driving.

"I only have two eyes not four," said Nguyen. "I can't look at the road and the sky at the same time."

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