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The average cost for a family Thanksgiving is up by nearly twenty dollars over two years.  Most of that growth is over the last 12 months and coincides with Bidenflation.  You can see the stunning figures by clicking here and reading the report from Farm Bureau.  I watched a story on television that suggests a lot of Americans are foregoing turkey for chicken, however.  I bought and baked chicken last weekend.  Friends, it’s also no bargain.

My sister’s family likes seafood for Thanksgiving dinner.  Shrimp, scallops, and the like.  Once more, there’s no escape from price inflation.

A couple of months ago, I bought a pie and whipped cream on sale.  I’ve got a couple of cans of year-old cranberry sauce and I’ll take my chances the contents are still fine.  I can mash my own potatoes and save the difference from buying the already packaged mashed.

Or I may simply bake pizza and make some mac and cheese.  I like both!  What does it matter what we eat as long as God provides the provisions?

While I hold the government mostly responsible for inflation (it kept the printing press at full speed for two years), I also realize I played a part when I willingly spent the stimulus checks I received in the mail.

We’ve all made good and bad choices since last Thanksgiving.  Yet, most of us will still share in the blessings of the Lord this weekend.  Oh, and we won’t spend the next ten days eating dry turkey sandwiches!

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