A few years ago I picked up a plastic lawn chair, with an Adirondack design.  I paid $14.95 and never used the thing.  It became a cat bed from the moment I brought it home.

Imagine my shock the other day outside the same store where I bought the last chair.  The price has doubled!

All the manufacturer does is inject plastic into a mold, and the seats are ready for sale.  This is a lesson about inflation.  The Wall Street Journal reported that inflation under Joe Biden has averaged 5.5 percent a year.  Under Donald Trump, it was 1.9 percent.  While many Biden sycophants can’t understand why you aren’t happy, they should start shopping like a kid who grew up in a frugal blue-collar family.  Normal people can read price tags and they aren’t fooled.

Inflation averaged 5.1 percent during Ronald Reagan’s first term, but that was explained by an economy he inherited from the incompetent Jimmy Carter.  Reagan brought the number down by the final two years of his first term.  Four decades passed before we saw anyone else cross the five percent benchmark.

I’ve read the work of some economists who say inflation is the new normal.  With our massive government debt, we won’t see a cooling for years to come.  However, why would I vote for the buffoon who brought this about with a historic spending binge?  Public disgust is going to decide election outcomes this year.  We could see the biggest political inversion since Reagan dispatched Carter, and it could push a lot of dead weight out of Congress.

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