The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is investigating two cases of poaching since the end of October, the most recent being around November 6, in eastern Idaho.

Photo courtesy Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Shane Liss.

According to Fish and Game, a mature bull elk was shot and left on private property near the Swan Valley area. Officials say at the time only antlerless elk hunts were going on at the time in Unit 67 along the Pine Creek Bench.

Photo courtesy of Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Raliegh Scott

In another case, hunters reported two cow elk that had been left to waste near Georgetown on October 28. Investigators said the case was puzzling because it had appeared the two elk had been properly taken before being dumped. Both the animals had been skinned, sectioned out, and had been tagged. Fish and Game found evidence of zip ties that indicated the animals may have had tags on them.

Idaho Fish and Game have asked the public for help in both cases, you can call the Citizens Against Poaching hotline anytime at 800-632-5999.