(AP) New numbers show foreclosure rates across the nation are falling. Idaho is following the same trend. The Gem State's foreclosure numbers are decreasing but some financial experts warn this might not be a sign we are recovering. Foreclosure rates dropped 35 percent in July compared to a year ago, which is a 44-month low according to the firm Realtytrac. Tim Bundgard, President and CEO of Pioneer Title Company, says the decline is because of a foreclosure processing slowdown by the banks.  Bundgard says 35 percent is misleading. While it may sound good, it is not a sign that the housing crisis is healing but really just a postponement. Bundgard does believe we will start to see foreclosure rates rise again as soon as September. If the rates do not go up in the last quarter of this year, he says we will definitely see them rise at the start of 2012.