It's no secret that Idaho is once again battling wildfires this summer. But, you don't realize just how widespread the devastation is until you see it from the top of Idaho - Borah Peak.

Trailhead Baggers climbed Mount Borah a few days ago and captured a very short video of what they saw. Along with the beauty of the highest peak in Idaho, you can see wildfire smoke in just about every direction. Here's their description from their YouTube channel.

The view from the top of Mt. Borah in Idaho. The video starts out with a quick shot from the Snow bridge just right after Chicken-out-ridge. Then, views from the top at 12,662ft elevation. The smoke in the air was very visible due to surrounding fires.

InciWeb updates the sad state of the Idaho wildfire situation every hour or so. Last time I looked, the Pioneer Fire had expanded to over 100,000 acres while the Henrys Creek Fire was now over 40,000.